WeRipple is a unique political empowerment app
that harnesses the power of instant feedback
to motivate people to continue working on a campaign
until it succeeds.

Our mission is to create
a community committed to passing laws
that serve the 99%.

How do we do this?

We Join Together

Users are organized into congressional districts to help build support for campaigns on a local level.

We Track Bills

Every WeRipple campaign will work to pass specific legislation. A bill’s journey from idea to law is a complex process; the bill could die at any point. We’re going to keep a close eye on each bill and follow it through every step.

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We Pressure Representatives

We will alert users of ideal times to apply pressure to make sure each bill keeps progressing. Imagine we press send and everyone on a congressional committee instantly receives millions of messages telling them to vote for our bills!

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We Vote

Users are also sorted by district to measure how close we are to the numbers needed to elect representatives who support the campaign and oust those who don’t. We can hold representatives accountable with congressional report cards that endorse the candidates that support the campaigns. Users will know who to vote for in the primary elections for congress.

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We Ripple

Through the WeRipple app, we can motivate users to grow the community by showing each person’s Ripple Reach. A Ripple Reach is the total number of people who have joined as a direct result of your invites. So not only will you be able to see how many people you’ve brought into the campaign, but also how many people they’ve brought into the campaign and so on … to an infinite number of levels downstream. You’ll know the impact of your recruiting efforts in real time and in real numbers.

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